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Mark X / Camry
100 units|Photo session

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Osaka Nanko ATC Piloti Square

Following Crown and Lexus, the VIP style editorial department held a photo session for "Mark X / Camry". Mark X is in season now, and the number of owners is increasing. In particular, the "130 series" is full of unique vehicles all over the country. One of the features is that you can play with genuine parts from the previous term, middle term, and latter term, and there were many owners who casually made a difference by replacing such genuine parts.


One camry. Although it is still unknown, it has the potential to become Toyota's main model in the sedan dress-up industry in the future. Although there are few aftermarket parts, there are many vehicles that have been stylishly finished using limited items at the venue. If aftermarket manufacturers saw this situation, they would surely want to feel the great potential of "Mark X" and "Camry".


Let's take a closer look at all the participating vehicles that have entered the "Mark X / Camry 100 | Photo Session"!

OWNER CARS_#01~#72


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