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BBS Super RS
Hokkaido's voice
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BBS shop limited model. There are not many shops that can make such a special BBS. The first Hokkaido voice sold out immediately, and now the second model is being released. And it is said that the 3rd model is also waiting for next spring. A shop that has built such a deep relationship of trust with BBS is truly rare even in Japan. A special BBS Super RS proposed by Hokkaido Voice. So what exactly is it? And what is the third model that you are interested in? It was a direct hit to Mr. Hiyashimizu, the voice representative.

Q. How did you decide to sell BBS limited edition models?


Simply put, I love BBS. I've loved BBS ever since I was a user, and that's why when I worked at a shop, I was confident in proposing BBS to customers. With that flow, I became able to talk about various things with BBS's person in charge, Sun. Actually, it's been around that time. What made you want to sell BBS limited edition models someday?


After that, 10 years ago, I started VOICE independently, and soon I was able to receive the title of a BBS distributor. From that point on, my desire to make a limited edition BBS model grew stronger.


Q. And it was the year before last that it was finally completed.


I agree. However, this project had been in motion for a year and a half before that. The reason why it took a year and a half to complete is to maintain the quality of BBS. It was a necessary time to pass the strength application to ensure safety and security.


Q. Do you want to set the "Inset" and "Color" of popular BBS models independently and release them as original exclusive products? Why did you decide to use "Super RS" out of the many BBSs available?


It's very simple, but I like the design of the Super RS. I had the Super RS on my 18 Majesta, and I had a K car before the sedan, and I also had it on that car. Super RS has been my favorite wheel for a long time.


Q. Again, what is the appeal of BBS Super RS?


After all, I think everyone thinks so, but it's a place where you don't get tired of it. And the place that looks good no matter which car you put it on. For those two things, I think the BBS Super RS is by far the best. The Super RS is a masterpiece with a long history, but I think that's the point that it's still popular even though the times have changed.


Q. And size. The 20-inch 9.5J+30 and 10.5J+30 sizes are only voices, right?


that's right. It is an original size only for Voice, which is not listed in the official catalog of BBS.


Q. Why did you choose this size?


This is to create the deepest rim Super RS. The deepest rim in BBS is determined to be 93mm with 10.5J. I made it with the maximum rim width and +30 inset on the most positive side so that it can be worn on various models.


Going from that size, 10.5J + 30 is for the rear. Then, I decided on the front size, 9.5J + 30, which is 1J narrower, would be good.


Q. 9J and 10J are common for VIPs, right?


I agree. 9J and 10J are easy to put on various cars, and there are plenty of tires. If you make it 0.5J thicker, various situations will change, and it will not feel like anyone can wear it.


But I wanted this deep rim BBS Super RS. Even if it's hard to get them to wear, discerning VIP owners want deeper rims than anything else. I emphasized that.


Q. The BBS Super RS exclusive to Voice is different from the existing Super RS in terms of appearance. Is that a pierce bolt?


The black pierce bolt specification of Super RS is an original only for VOICE. This is also not listed in the official BBS catalog.


Earring bolts of the normal model are silver. It has a mature atmosphere like BBS, and I really like that feeling. However, by making the pierce bolt black, the atmosphere changes dramatically. Something like a VIP-like squid comes out. Plus, the center cap is also black, so I think it gave a sense of unity.


The black earring specification is a limited number, and thanks to you, it sold out in no time. Limited to 20 units. It's really valuable and I'm sure it will get a premium.


Q. What models are currently on sale?


Even after it was sold out, we received inquiries from many people, so we decided to make a second model. However, the black piercing specification promises a limited number. Because there are many people who liked the special feeling and bought it. Therefore, the model currently on sale has silver earrings. This model is also gaining popularity thanks to you.


Q. Do you have any plans for your next work?


Actually there is. I can't say it yet (laughs). It will take more time.


What I learned from working with BBS is that it is a matter of course, but the inspection is really strict. For example, even with coloring that has nothing to do with strength, we will conduct detailed inspections such as what will happen after a number of years. I realized that each and every one of these things has become a deep commitment of BBS, and that these aspects are also factors in gaining popularity and trust from owners.


The release target is tentatively next spring. I'm sure you will be surprised. Please look forward to it.

Voice Limited BBS Super RS

20inch 9.5J+30

20inch 10.5J+30


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