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K break

Kazuki Obayashi's

popular corner

"Omori Gohan".

K break
Kazuki Obayashi's
popular corner
"Oomori Gohan".


This time,

With a C cup in Hokkaido


Introducing 4 vehicles.

This time,
In the C cup in Hokkaido
Introducing four vehicles.


31 Celsior



16 Aristo

Hokkaido/Mr. Miyagawa


14 Majesta

Hyogo Prefecture/Kishimoto-kun


14 Majesta

Miyagi Prefecture / Mr. Sakurai


Kazuki Obayashi's
Omori rice

Kazuki Obayashi
Oomori Gohan

K-Break's Obayashi-san's popular serialized section is "Omori Gohan". We will happily introduce the beloved cars that the owners have worked so hard to build, with lots of affection and sometimes dry comments.


This time, at the "C Cup" held in Hokkaido on July 3, 2022, we took a chance to cover the heavy rice. A direct interview with the owners of the four vehicles of interest. Let's take a look together!


Editorial department: Sapporo number 30 Celsior. What made you choose this vehicle?


Obayashi San: It's 30 Celsior, it has overfenders, and it feels like The VIP, so I thought it was really cool, so I chose it.


Editorial department: Were the Fenders particularly good?


Obayashi San:is that so. In terms of size, it's nicely put out, and the Tsuraichi is perfect. It feels like a royal road without wearing a rim, which is also good. Is the suspension air suspension?


Sato-kun:Yes, it is.


Obayashi San: Many people wear air suspension, but do you dare to match it with the rim?


Sato-kun:That's right.


Editorial department: What is the overall concept of the car?


Sato-kun: The point is pure style. The bumper is smiling. For haute couture bumpers, enjoy genuine bumpers.


Obayashi San: In the past, 30 Celsior and haute couture used to be iron plates. I think it's a really good front bumper because it's cleverly used and neatly put together.


Sato-kun:thank you.


Editorial department: What did you think of the front bumper's Nikoichi?


Sato-kun: The upper and lower parts of the bumper are haute couture. I smiled at the inside part and combined the genuine-style bumper.


Obayashi San: The fog is a genuine 30 Celsior.


Sato-kun:That's right. The genuine fog lights were good, so I made them smile like this. In that case, you might think that half aero would be fine, but I don't like half. I also liked the haute couture lip design, so I used the haute couture full bang as a base.


Obayashi San: By making the inside part look genuine, it has an aero, non-aero atmosphere, which is cool.


Editorial department: Is there anything else you would like Obayashi-san to see?


Sato-kun: It's the rear bumper. JOB design processing. I added a reflector to the bottom.


Obayashi San: If the front is haute couture and the rear is JOB design, it will be difficult to create a sense of unity, but there is also a sense of unity because it is properly processed and arranged. By the way, is it on purpose that you don't wear wings to show off?


Sato-kun:That's right. I also removed the antenna and smoothed it.


Obayashi San: By doing so, it gives a simple and solid impression.


Editorial department: Wheels?


Sato-kun: SSR MS3 with rebarrel only on the rear. Outer rim only.


Obayashi San: What did you do?


Sato-kun: 12.5J minus 43. I didn't have the size I wanted, so I rebarreled.


Obayashi San:Since the SSR is a 3-piece, you can't get a very deep rim. I love this kind of royal road VIP, but after all, this kind of car looks good with deep rims.


Editorial department: Sato-kun, do you often participate in these events?


Sato-kun:is that so. My job is farming, but when I'm not busy, I try to participate as much as possible.


Editorial department: What are your impressions of today's event?


Sato-kun: The number of participants is larger than I had imagined, and there are many people from Honshu.


Obayashi San: There are many C cups every time, but today there are really many.


Editorial department: Lastly, please tell us about your future goals.


Sato-kun: The goal is to put the brakes on. I'm still out of hand.


Obayashi San: The current shape of this 30 Celsior is really good, so I would like you to keep this shape as much as possible and put your hands on it. Keep up the good work!



31 Celsior

● Aero: (F・S) haute couture processing (R) JOB design processing ● Fender: Over fender (F) 4 cm (R) 7 cm ● Body color: 202 black ● Wheels: SSR Professor MS3 19inch (F) 11J minus 14 (R) 12.5J minus 43 ● Tires: ATR (F) 235/35-19 (R) 275/30-19 ● Suspension: T Dimension Air Suspension ● Arm: 326 Power, Genbu ● Muffler: Middle/Rear One-Off ● Exterior Others: Fender turn signal, roof antenna smoothing


Editorial department: Next, I chose 16 Aristos. What made you choose this vehicle?


Obayashi San: It seems like it's a sporty car, but it's also a painful car. I can't stand this gap. This is a horse girl.


Miyagawa-kun:that's right. Uma Musume. Uma Musume is an app game, and this is a character called Agnes Tachyon. It's my guess.


Obayashi San: Uma Musume, I really like singing (laughs).


Editorial department: How did you make the car?


Miyagawa-kun: Originally, when I was in junior high and high school, when Mr. Obayashi was active as the owner, I loved the VIP from 1998 to 2003. At that time, racing VIPs were popular, weren't they? I love that kind of thing, so I tried it. I made it into a itasha because I'm an otaku (laughs). There are some itasha mixed in, but the concept of the car itself is that of a racing VIP that was popular during the time of Mr. Obayashi and others.


Obayashi San: People who worked hard at that time, including me, would be happy to hear this kind of story.


Miyagawa-kun: When I was in junior high and high school, I used to buy VIP cars and VIP styles every month and read Obayashi-san and others in magazines. The more a hole opens (laughs).


Obayashi San:I'm glad.


Miyagawa-kun: So Mr. Obayashi made a fugue into an itasha, and he is known to be a itasha lover. I've been thinking about it for a long time.


Obayashi San:I see.


Miyagawa-kun: At an event like this, I thought that I would be happy if I could talk to you. It came true today. I can't believe it. A dream come true. Thank you.


Obayashi San: Your number is Omiya, but are you from Saitama?


Miyagawa-kun: We moved here in April. Originally, I was born in Otaru, and I lived in Otaru until junior high school, and then moved here. Now I am working at a certain repair company in Otaru.


Obayashi San:over there?


Miyagawa-kun: I think you probably know it.


Obayashi San: So you have my MAE wheels too.


Miyagawa-kun: Huh!?


Obayashi San: That's mine (laughs).


Miyagawa-kun: Oh, is that so? Thank you very much. It's only been a few days since I joined the company, so I haven't been able to grasp it at all.


Obayashi San: Maybe someday we will also release two for the rear.


Miyagawa-kun: Oh, I understand.


Obayashi San: So you are working hard at that company now.


Miyagawa-kun:That's right. It's only been about 3 months, so I'm a newcomer.


Obayashi San: We have to talk about cars (laughs). Wing?


Miyagawa-kun: This is Abflag. I like out-of-print parts that were popular at the time. The muffler is also an image of that time, and it is a huge cannonball. I made the muffler as a one-off.


Obayashi San: Certainly, there was a time when this kind of wing was popular. We wore it too At that time, the sporty VIP was all the rage, and it even became a standard to attach such a big GT wing. Everyone around us was wearing promotional GT wings.


Editorial department: Wheels?


Miyagawa-kun: This is also out of print, but it's OZ, and it's a Porsche tuner Strosek wheel.


Editorial department: It's different from the OZ you often see.


Miyagawa-kun:is that so. I think there are few people who know this existence.


Obayashi San: The front bumper also has an impact. Does this sound like a Porsche to you?


Miyagawa-kun:That's right. I made Porsche 911's external aero with a smile.


Editorial department: What about the hood?


Miyagawa-kun: This was originally the bonnet of the session, but it was attached to the demo car of the session. I processed it, put a duct in it, and made it like this.


Obayashi San: Session, you came up with a nostalgic name (laughs). Kenji Yamada of the session is a rotten relationship, and we are still dating.


Miyagawa-kun: I love VIPs like Obayashi-san and Yamada-san.


Editorial department: It was great to be able to talk with Mr. Obayashi like this today.


Miyagawa-kun:I'm really happy. Every time I saw Obayashi-san, I wanted to talk to him, but the hurdles were quite high. On the contrary, I am very happy to hear from you this time.


Editorial department: Lastly, what are your future goals?


Miyagawa-kun:is that so. In my mind, it was a goal or a dream to appear in "Omori Gohan", so I'm happy that it came true. I don't think there are any other goals.


Obayashi San: I also come to Hokkaido several times a year, so it would be nice if we could talk casually next time. And good luck with your work.



16 Aristo

●Aero: (F) Nikoichi for Porsche 911 (S) JOB Design (R) JOB Design Nikoichi for LS (W) Abflag, ARC Magic Wing ●Fender: Tsume Cut ●Grill: Abflag carbon grill ●Headlight: Smoke ●Tail lamp : Original body color: 202 black Wheels: OZ Racing STROSEK AERA 18inch (F) 10J + 38 (R) 11J + 18 Tires: Pirelli P Zero Rosso (F) 225/40-18 (R) 265/35-18 Suspension : Kazusus full conversion kit Arms: T Dimension, Nagisa Auto, Milky White Brakes: Trust GREX (F) 6pot 355φ (R) 4pot 330φ Muffler: One-off cannonball Exterior and others: Session carbon bonnet processing, Uma Musume Agnes Tachion Interior : Abflag steering wheel, RECARO SR6


Editorial department: 14 Majesta owned by the famous owner, San Kishimoto.


Obayashi San: Early period?


Kishimoto San: Late.


Obayashi San: Why isn't this plated?


Kishimoto San: I turned over.


Obayashi San: Oh, is that so?


Kishimoto San: When painting, it sticks to the masking and peels off...


Obayashi San: Oh, that's right. I can tell if the 14 Majesta is early or late by checking whether the window frame is plated or not. However, since there are no more new plated malls, it would be difficult to peel them off...


Kishimoto San: That's right...


Editorial department: Kishimoto-san is famous for 17 crowns, but you also had 14 Majesta?


Kishimoto San:That's right. From about 3 years ago.


Editorial department: Why did you enter Hokkaido with 14 Majesta this time?


Kishimoto San: Three years ago, when I was in the C Cup, I was allowed to participate with a 17 crown, so this time I wanted to put out a 14 Majesta.


Editorial department: Do you feel like you always go to C cup every time?


Kishimoto San: This is the second time. It was the first time for me to be a C-cup three years ago, and I had a lot of fun at that time, so I feel like I was allowed to come again this time.


Obayashi San: Kishimoto-kun's 14 Majesta, it's the first time I've seen the actual car, but I saw it on Instagram. You posted a photo of the work in progress.


Kishimoto San:That's right. Thank you.


Editorial department: Once again, what do you think when you see the actual car?


Obayashi San: For me, the 14 Majesta is an important existence, but I'm really happy that I'm riding like this in this era. Parts are hard to come by now, and even if you search on an auction site, you won't find anything at all.


Kishimoto San: That's right.


Obayashi San: This is the distance, how far are you running?


Kishimoto San: 80,000 km.


Obayashi San: Oh~, 100,000 km is not enough, isn't it?


Editorial department: Once again, how did you get the 14 Majesta 3 years ago?


Kishimoto San: The first thing was that my seniors were riding it, so I want to ride it someday. I spent three years looking for this car, sticking to the late V8 with a sunroof. After that, it took me three years to make it, and now I'm here.


Obayashi San:Is that so. Then six years ago, it wasn't that expensive then, right?


Kishimoto San:is that so.


Obayashi San: 14 Majesta is expensive now.


Kishimoto San: It's bad now. So I think I was able to get it at the right time.


Obayashi San: Do you feel like this car was stored indoors?


Kishimoto San: Right?


Obayashi San: If the inside is so clean, it's probably because it's stored indoors. It's not just the 14 Majesta, but there are many cases where cars of this model year are tanned. After all, the interior of the vehicle that is neatly stored in the garage is beautiful.


Editorial department: What do you think of the dress-up theme?


Kishimoto San: The theme is the same with the 17 Crown, but I don't really like customizations that leave the good parts of the genuine as they are and make it difficult to understand the model, so I'm particular about the style that makes the most of the genuine.


Obayashi San: That's good~. 14 Majesta is cool when it's overpowered, but it's also cool when it's simple.


Editorial department: Please tell me the attached parts.


Kishimoto San: The front is Nikoichi from Mode Parfum. Mode Parfum doesn't have 14 Maje, so I didn't like the 50 Cima.


Editorial department: Fender?


Kishimoto San: Normal fender.


Obayashi San: Claw fold?


Kishimoto San: Nail clippers. But today, I did it at the entrance...


Obayashi San: Over there?


Kishimoto San: That's right...


Obayashi San: It would have been nice if the vehicle height had been lowered at the venue...


Kishimoto San: That's right, but I'm sorry if I mess up the venue and cause trouble. So if you do it in front of you, it will look like this...


Obayashi San: I see...


Editorial department: At the time of 17 Crown, it was over fender. This 14 Majesta is a normal fender. why is that?


Kishimoto San:14 Majesta, I've been thinking about chapter 3 in my mind, and now I'm on chapter 1. I was thinking of working on the fenders in Chapters 2 and 3, so I'm keeping it aside until then.


Obayashi San:I see. Oh, you also do doorknobs properly.


Kishimoto San:yes.


Obayashi San: This is the one from 30 Celsior, right?


Kishimoto San: That's right, that's right.


Obayashi San: I used to do this trick too.


Kishimoto San: It looks completely different depending on whether you do this or not. A sense of luxury.


Editorial department: Let's go around and take a look at the rear.


Kishimoto San: The upper part of the rear is Junction Produce, and the lower part is for Aimgain 16 Aristo. I like the simple shape of the Aimgain aero, and I decided to have one muffler on each side, so that part of the design was perfect.


Editorial department: The current figure is the completed form of the first chapter.


Kishimoto San:yes.


Obayashi San:The fact that chapters 2 and 3 continue after this means that you have absolutely no intention of letting go, right?


Kishimoto San:Yes, it is.


Obayashi San:Sounds good.


Editorial department: How is the reaction around you?


Kishimoto San: Well, I don't think it's bad.


Obayashi San: 14 Majesta itself is rare.


Kishimoto San: That's right. When I'm driving around town with this, older people will look at me with a feeling of "Oh!". That makes me happy.


Obayashi San: 14 Majesta is the car when I was 20 years old. A car from 30 years ago (laughs). People who know those days are chasing them with their eyes like that.


Editorial department: By the way, how is 17 Crown doing?


Kishimoto San:I'm fine. 17 Crown is in its 16th year. After all, it is an important car that cannot be parted with. But for the time being, I think it would be nice if I could do my best with this 14 Majesta and make it even more cool.


Obayashi San: Of course, the new cars of today are good, but the cars of this age, which seem to be VIP cars, are special.


Kishimoto San: Cars of this age are worth messing around with. There are many hardships in various parts, but it's also really fun to make something that doesn't exist.


Obayashi San: The more you do it, the more you become attached to it, and it becomes a car you want to keep forever. Sure enough, even if you change the doorknob, today's young people wouldn't notice (laughs).


Kishimoto San:yes. I made the change, but no one ever told me.


Obayashi San: That's right, the 30 Celsior itself feels like an old car.


Editorial department: Kishimoto-san runs a shop called NK Spirit. How many years have you been in the shop?


Kishimoto San: 14 years. I'm 38 now and started when I was 24.


Obayashi San:young.


Kishimoto San: No, not at all.


Obayashi San: You're different from me, aren't you? zodiac, what?


Kishimoto San: It's a mouse.


Obayashi San: I am also a mouse. After all, it's a bit different (laughs).


Editorial department: Well then, as a slightly different senior, give some advice to Kishimoto-san.


Obayashi San: How can I say it, it's a tough time right now, but I think there will definitely be people who will follow you if you take everything seriously. I also love sedans, and the VIP industry is in a tough situation, so I'm thinking of reviving the Red Majeer. Aiming for Messe debut the year after next. So from now on, let's do our best as owners of the same 14 Majesta.


Kishimoto San:thank you. It was great to be able to talk to Mr. Obayashi for the first time in Hokkaido. I was so nervous. Thank you very much.



14 Majesta

● Aero: (F) mode parfum processing (S) one star processing (R) aim gain processing ● Fender: normal ● Fog lamp: mode parfum ● Body color: BMW genuine carbon black ● Wheels: BBS LM 19inch (F) 9J + 22 (R) 10J+22 Tires: (F) 205/35-19 (R) 225/35-19 Suspension: 326 power Chakuriki dampers Arms: T Dimension Brakes: Original (F/R) 6pot 365φ Mufflers: (middle) Stainless Steel Full Dual (Exit) Junction Produce Exterior Others: Junction Produce Bonnet Spoiler/Roof Spoiler


Editorial department: The fourth one is Sakurai-kun's 14 Majesta. Why?


Obayashi San: I'm a good friend of Saku, but I put a lot of effort into making this model in a short period of time. I've changed everything on a large scale, so I can't help but interview (laughs).


Sakurai San: It took 2 months to make.


Obayashi San: Two months is amazing. Kishimoto-kun was also 14 Majesta, but it's completely different from the specs just now, and it's nice to have the specs of our heyday.


Editorial department: Where did you change the specifications this time?


Sakurai San: Everything (laughs). All four fenders were redone, the aero parts were all rewound, and the doors and trunk were all remade.


Editorial department: Why did you decide to make such a drastic change?


Sakurai San: For about 10 years, I've been riding without changing the specs, but at this moment, I thought I'd do everything I wanted to do. In 2 months, I did it plentifully.


Editorial department: What is the concept for this project?


Sakurai San: The colors are flashy, but I wanted to make the car simple and beautiful.


Obayashi San: This is the generation that calls it simple, isn't it, Saku? (laughs). Blue and yellow, even fenders, and simplicity are truly a generation. You know how many flashy cars you've seen so far.


Editorial department: What about the front bumper?


Sakurai San: The base this time is K Break. I'm using K-Break's 17 Majesta aero. I like this design of K-Blake, and that's why I chose it. The side ducts were added as a one-off.


Editorial department: What about the rear bumper?


Sakurai San: Only the mounting part is used for the rear bumper of the Evo, and the lower part is made from the Fuga's genuine bumper.


Editorial department: The fender is cool.


Sakurai San: The fenders are big, but the back is about 7 cm more, and it's a 12 cm blister.


Editorial department: What about the front?


Sakurai San: The front is 7 cm long, and the arch is raised so that the steering wheel can be turned off. For the front fender duct, I cut Wald's LS460.


Editorial department: You gave us a quick rundown of the highlights, and I think it was well done in two months.


Obayashi San:Seems like it's for real. I uploaded the production process on Instagram, and I checked it every time, but I thought that I was doing my best.


Sakurai San: Actually, it's a rear door, but it's a 30 Celsior guy. cut the door.


Obayashi San: Back when the 30 Celsior came out, I wondered what to do with the over fenders for this shape. It's cool now, isn't it? Wing?

Sakurai San: The wing was cut from the LS460 and made to fit the Majesta.


Obayashi San: Actually, I wanted you to put it in the VIP style of the magazine. She gets along really well with Saku, and is a cute junior. Seeing them working so hard on the Majesta like this makes me want to complete the Red Majeta as soon as possible and line up the cars together. It would be nice if we could send it to the message together in the year after next.


Sakurai San:is that so. This time, I had a lot of thoughts in my mind, and I took shape one by one. Obayashi-san took a good look at me, and my hard work was worth it.



14 Majesta

● Aero: (F) K Break 17 Majesta Nikoichi (S) Evolution + Benz (R) Evolution + Fugue (W) One-off ● Fender: Blister (F) 7 cm (R) 12 cm ● Body color: Panama Blue ● Wheels : Work distance 19inch (F) 10J (R) 11J Suspension: (F) Kazusus air suspension (R) Bold world air suspension Muffler: K break Exterior and others: IMC bonnet processing, Evolution door panel smoothing, door 30 Celsior style processing, Front fender processing for Wald LS


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