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100 units photo session exhibition booth

Weds, Aim Gain, K Break, Work, Sense

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Q. What wheels would you recommend for Mark X and Camry owners?

First place

Kranze Wilham

After all, the most recent work is Kranze Wilham. It is a model that is composed of thin spokes that move, and I think it has a design that is the best match for the Mark X and Camry.


Recently, thin fins have become mainstream, but Kranze has a design that makes a difference. I think that smooth and simple fins are also cool, but Wilharm is not like that, and we are trying to put out a "likeness" by packing in our commitment.


2nd place

Leonis GX new color model

There was a person wearing Leonis at today's venue, but Leonis also suits Mark X and Camry. Among them, I would like to recommend GX. The GX is a model that debuted three years ago, but since it is a popular model, we have added a new color this time.


This new color is called Hyper BMC. To make it easier to imagine, it's a black sputtering, but I intentionally didn't cut it to give it the mood of a genuine optional wheel worn by a luxury car. This jet-black GX is for adults. I think it's perfect for those who want a sense of luxury.


3rd place

Maverick 1410S

Third place is Maverick's new 2022 model 1410S. It has 10 spokes, but by dropping the center as much as possible, the design looks simple at first glance, but it is characterized by a slightly sporty feel.


I think the rim looks deep, but that's because of the steps in the earrings. By placing it as far back as possible, we were able to physically deepen the rim, and visually, the height of the spokes made it look deeper. This design cannot be done in 3 pieces. It is also a point unique to Maverick, a two-piece brand.



Maverick 1307M

The last one I would like to recommend is Maverick 1307M. In particular, I would like to recommend the new gray black color added this time. I was able to create a deep black with a glossy and bewitching black. By the way, the Hyper BMC used in Leonis is the same black color, but the color is completely different.


Thanks to the popularity of mesh, 1307M is selling very well. I feel that the concave condition is particularly appreciated, and I hope that the appearance of this new color, Grays Black, will make it even more popular.


Q. How did you feel about participating in the "Mark X / 100 Camry | Photo Session"?

Continuing from the last Lexus photo session, I was able to participate again this time, and I got the impression that even though it is the same sedan, there are people from completely different demographics. I thought that was really interesting.


I went around the venue and saw everyone's cars, but the car model called Mark X / Camry is a car that looks great whether you change it to a light or a baby. I learned a lot.


Mark X and Camry are honestly cool, and although it depends on the model year and grade, used car prices are reasonable, so I thought that more people would dress up in the future.


I was happy to see people wearing Weds wheels. There were people who came to our booth to look at our wheels and buy stickers, so I'm glad that we were able to meet owners who we usually don't get to talk to.


It was a lot of fun to see everyone's cool cars today.



Q. What items would you recommend for Mark X and Camry owners?

First place

original wheels

The first is the wheel. I especially recommend the "GIIM", "GTM" and "GLM" on display today. There are many sizes, so you can wear the size you want, and there are many colors, so you can find your favorite color.


Mark X and Camry are sporty vehicles, so I think these three mesh wheels are a perfect match.


2nd place

muffler cutter

The second place is the muffler cutter. Earlier, when I went around the venue, I thought that the installation rate of external mufflers was quite high. Among them, I got the impression that many people chose a muffler with a strong sense of doing things, such as a titanium tail.


Aimgain is also focusing on muffler cutters, and of course there are titanium tails and carbon tails, so I would be happy if you could pay attention to Aimgain mufflers.


3rd place

original goods

We also brought various original goods for today and sold them at the booth. Among them, I recommend a T-shirt because it is summer.


In addition to the design I am wearing, there are various designs from flashy to simple, so I would be happy if you could find one that you like.


Q. How did you feel about participating in the "Mark X / 100 Camry | Photo Session"?

I was surprised, but there are more Camrys than I had imagined. There are many 50-series Camrys, and many 70-series Camrys. Aimgain is currently releasing only the front lip of the 70 series Camry, but I thought it would be better to make the side and rear as well.


The 70-series Camry is the current car, so I don't think there are many people who still play hard with it. So, if I make it with a simple design, I'm sure people will use it.


As for the Mark X, I have the impression that there were quite a few cars that were built. Many cars are particular about vehicle height. There were a lot of vehicles that were dropped with air suspension.


I'm sure the owners who participated in today's photo session all had the same type of car as me, so I think it was a good reference for dressing up. For me, when I see everyone getting along well, I've had a lot of fun with that kind of feeling when I was a user, so I think it's good.


It's a pity that we didn't have a demo car this time, but the next time we have an opportunity like this, I'd like to bring a demo car and show it to everyone. I'm looking forward to the next VIP-style photo session!



Q. How did you feel about participating in the "Mark X / 100 Camry | Photo Session"?

Today, I thought it was fine in the morning, but it suddenly changed in the afternoon (laughs). Isn't it raining again? VIP style is true. Personally, I think the rain man should be Tanaka-kun (laughs). Well leave it at that.


It's just now, Mark X and Camry from all over the country gather at the venue, and it's Saturday, isn't it? Basically, there are many that are simply messed up, but there were a few cars that were flashy. I also had a painful car. That's why I thought that dressing up is different for each person.


But the Camry is cool. It's just my own impression, but I think that Camry is a car that suits simple VIPs because it has a lot of images in Tohoku and Hokkaido. The body is also big.


I think the current users are completely different, but in our generation, Camry didn't seem to be the mainstay of VIP. But now it's clearly different. It has a big body and presence, and it looks cool, and I think it's as powerful as the Crown and Lexus.


I was able to interact with users today. Hey, I wonder if there were a lot of grown-up people. There were also many young people. The people who talked to me were adults who were close in age to me (laughs). I'm shy at times (laughs), but everyone who comes is welcome, so please feel free to talk to me if you'd like.


It seems that the VIP style will continue to hold photo sessions in the future, but I would like to have a "Heisei single digit VIP". At that time, I will ride 31 Cima. Or it would be interesting to separate them by color, such as "white body binding" or "silver body binding". I would like you to continue to hold fun events in the VIP style. Of course, I will support K Break with all my might!



Q. What wheels would you recommend for Mark X and Camry owners?

First place

Schwert SG2

It's a design that suits all sedans, but I think it's a wheel that definitely suits Mark X and Camry, which have a light atmosphere. The highlight is the unique Schwert shape, which is a combination of three types of designs.


Black Cut Clear and Glimit Silver are standard for the Schwert SG2, but we also have a variety of other special colors available, so we hope you can choose the color that matches your car's specifications.


2nd place

Gnosis CVS

The next recommendation is Gnosis CVS. There are many people who are particular about the color of this wheel, so this time we exhibited three colors: copper clear, matte gray brushed, and gold. Among them, I would like to especially recommend Copper Clear, which has a deep antique color.


In terms of design, it has a simple spoke shape, but it has a dynamic movement that gives it a Gnostic atmosphere.


3rd place

Work Emotion ZR10 2P

This is also a new model, but it is recommended for Mark X and Camry owners. Originally a one-piece model, it is characterized by a two-piece model.


The model on display has a glimit black disc and a black anodized rim. So I think it looks very tight. The point is that you can enjoy not only the disc but also the rim color of the work wheel.



Schwert SG1

And finally the Schwert SG1. The biggest feature is the star-shaped design that looks like two stacked five-twin discs.


The color of the model on display is Glimit Silver. It features a luxurious texture and is definitely suitable for luxury sedans such as the Mark X and Camry.


Q. How did you feel about participating in the "Mark X / 100 Camry | Photo Session"?

I looked around the venue, and I was very happy to see that so many people were using Work wheels. It was good to know that Schwert and Gnosis are popular with Mark X and Camry owners.


Personally, Work Emotion ZR10 2P. I think this is a perfect fit for Mark X and Camry, so I wish I could appeal more and more so that everyone can recognize it.


Once again, the reason why Schwert and Gnosis were popular is that many sedan owners are particular about Tsuraichi, so I thought it would be nice to be able to choose a custom-made 2-piece rim. After all, I realized that many of the sedans have deep rims.


This is also my personal opinion, but there was a car that had a 3-piece Gistance W5S on it, and I thought that car was cool. Also, many people came to visit our booth, and we were able to exchange various information.


We will continue to make various wheels in the future, so please continue to support us.



Q. How did you feel about participating in the "Mark X / 100 Camry | Photo Session"?

Thank you for your time today. To be honest, I was surprised because I didn't expect there to be so many Camrys today. I thought there were unexpected parts for Camry. Some cars are cutting camber with camry, how did you do it? I was worried about it.


That's why today's photo shoot changed my impression of the Camry, and I was originally wondering why the Camry didn't become the main VIP base car. . However, while I was expecting only a few, it was a day when so many Camrys came and I really felt the potential of the Camry.


On the other hand, Mark X, I thought that there are many cars that are messing with the running system. Right now, we are interested in drifting, so we looked around from that perspective, but compared to the previous Crown photo session and the last Lexus photo session, the car that was swinging was amazing. There were many. Among them, there was Mark X who was playing around like he was running on the circuit in earnest, and I was very curious.


We exhibited a lot of muffler cutters at our booth. Titanium is popular. Sense Brand has various types of tail ends, so I would like you to consider Sense Brand items when you change the specifications.


By the way, the 130 Mark X also has an aero and set muffler. Mark X is normal with single left and right, but if you install the sense brand aero, it will be 2 left and right 4, so that is also a point.


It seems that VIP style will continue to hold photo sessions like this, but I would like to have an event like "Drift VIP". Even if you don't go to the drift, I want to collect the cars with the specs that have been used for driving and talk with everyone. A vehicle that focuses on parts that have not received much attention in previous VIPs, such as the engine and roll bar. I would like to see a spotlight on such cars.


As a sense brand, of course, we will continue to focus on VIP as before. In addition to that, I would like to take on the challenge of driving a sedan and drifting a sedan. It would be great if everyone could liven up the sedan. Let's enjoy the sedan together!


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