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"Crown & Majesta 120 units | Photo session"


・ Date: October 16, 2022 (Sunday)

・ Venue: Longwood Station, Chiba Prefecture

(67-1 Yamanogo, Nagara Town, Chosei District, Chiba Prefecture)

・Entry fee: ¥10,000-

(Advance only, limited to 120 units)

・Tour Fee: Free
(*There is no parking lot for visitors at the venue)

・ Organizer: VIP style WEB editorial department



◉ How to purchase an entry ticket

Limited to the first 120 units.Please purchase an entry ticket at the official online shop below. Please note that only one ticket can be purchased per person. Please be sure to apply in person. If your name is different, you will not be able to enter the venue on the day.

◉ Recruited vehicles

・200 crowns

・210 crowns

・220 crowns

・200 Majesta

・210 Majesta

◉ Time schedule (tentative)

08:00-09:00 Carry-in

10:00 Opening ceremony

15:00 Closing ceremony

15:30-16:30 Unloading

◉ Flow until the day

  1. One week before the date of the event, we will mail the "participation certificate" to the address you filled in at the time of application.

  2. On the day of the event, please put the participation certificate on the dashboard and enter the venue.

  3. The cars on the day are lined up in order of arrival and are guided with an emphasis on efficiency. Just because you come first doesn't mean it's the best place. Also, we can not respond to such requests such as lining up in teams.

◉ Contents of the photo session

The owners of "Crown & Majesta" gather together! A super casual event where everyone gets along well and "shoots and interacts"! Photos taken will be posted on the WEB version "VIP Style"!


As there are no dining facilities at this venue, we would appreciate it if you could bring your own.

◉Important request

[1] Both entrants and visitors are prohibited from using illegally modified vehicles. Also, as there is a large step at the venue entrance, extremely low-down vehicles such as landing specifications will not be accepted. In addition, vehicles with loud mufflers are not permitted as they may cause trouble for the neighborhood. [2] Sounding the audio at the venue is NG. [3] Please be careful of accidents. The VIP Style Editorial Department, the organizer, cannot take any responsibility for any troubles inside or outside the venue. Please be sure to put safety first as it will be your responsibility. Also, if you damage the equipment (including the ground) at the venue, you will be responsible. [4] Never drink alcohol at the venue. Drunk driving is absolutely unacceptable these days. Please refrain from drinking alcohol inside the venue as it will induce this. [5] Please refrain from racing and driving recklessly at the venue and on the road. [6] We will shoot stills and movies on the day. You may be reflected. In addition, they may be posted on VIP style WEB and other related media. Please note. [7] Rain or shine. However, it will be canceled if the weather is likely to cause human damage. In that case, we will inform you by making full use of the VIP-style official SNS. [8] We aim to photograph all cars on the day, but it may not be possible depending on the situation on the day. Please note.


* At the time of purchasing the entry ticket, it is assumed that you have understood all the contents, including the precautions.

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