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By cutting the yaw rate sensor
How will the behavior of the car change?

[Serialization planning]
Drift VIP Project Vol.2

The Drift VIP Project is a collaboration between Sense Brand and Peace to pursue a new way of enjoying VIP from the perspective of "running". The first time is published in the magazine VIP style. This time, the second time, we will cut the yaw rate sensor, which is an obstacle to drifting, and verify what kind of effect can be obtained. I would also like to check the demo cars of each company that have evolved since the first time.

[What is the Drift VIP Project? ]

While the level of dress-up has increased, the number of sedans that can be seriously driven has decreased. On the other hand, in the drifting world, the sedan rate has increased in recent years, but there is a tendency to prioritize technique and performance over dressing up. Therefore, we would like to propose a new category of VIP sedan that combines dress-up and drift. Participating in this grand project are Pro Shop Piece, which has a wealth of experience in making dress-up cars, and Sense Brand, which is known for developing original parts such as mufflers. As a base vehicle, Peace has 210 Crown and Sense Brand has 51 Fugue. While focusing on appearance, we will tune it to drift powerfully on the circuit, and we will also develop original tuning parts by making use of that know-how.

Attack the yaw rate sensor!

In the first installment, we introduced the concept of the Drift VIP Project and the Sense Brand & Peace demo car (details are in the VIP Style August 2022 issue), but this time we are finally taking a big step towards serious drifting. Driving performance can be greatly improved by adding and changing aftermarket parts, but in order to drift, it is necessary to modify the body itself. In particular, it can be said that it is essential work for recent sedans that are full of electronic controls. That is the "yaw rate sensor" cut. The yaw rate sensor is one of the sensors that governs the anti-skid system used in many cars (VSC for Toyota, VDC for Nissan, etc., depending on the manufacturer).


“The yaw rate sensor is located in the center of the car (or at the rear depending on the model) and detects the movement of the car and how much the steering wheel is turned. But that function gets in the way when drifting.If you want to slide, but you can't do it, you can't drift," says Yuki-san of Sense Brand.


So I took apart the center console of the Fuga and pulled out the wiring for the yaw rate sensor. A toggle switch is attached so that the factory can be restored at any time, and when drifting, turning this switch off cuts the sensor.


"Some cars seem to be able to drift without cutting the sensors, but I don't want them to interfere with the movement of the car, so I'm thinking of turning them off."


On the other hand, Mr. Tabei of Peace also disassembled the interior of the 210 Crown on the day of the interview, took out the wiring, and made it possible to easily cut the sensor by attaching and detaching the connector. This time, it is just an emergency measure, and they will add an on / off switch at a later date.


It will be interesting to see how this cut of the yaw rate sensor affects the running.

Check out the evolution of Fugue & Crown

Before examining the running, I would like to introduce the demo cars of each company that have greatly evolved from the previous time.

[Sense Brand]

Base vehicle: 51 Fuga 370GT

Sponsors (in no particular order): Takahashi Motors/SSR/Ruccini/XYZ JAPAN/URAS/OS GIKEN/BLITZ/GARAGE VOICE/M SPORTS/ELMOJI FACTORY/Duex


First of all, the image of the exterior changed completely. The Sense brand, which sells not only mufflers but also original aero, is armed with its own brand "Sensation α" bumper aero. The dynamic molding that stands out in 3D boldly changes the image of the genuine product.


“We made the opening quite large, so we can increase the amount of air that can be taken in. This aero is not only designed but also specialized in functionality to enhance the cooling effect.”


By the next time, we plan to install side steps, replace the front fender with a duct, and finish painting. The body color seems to be VIP, and it is said that it will go with genuine black as it is.


The wheels are 20 inches, which is typical of a dress-up sedan. Same as last time, SSR / Professor SPX is installed. Next time, we plan to change to the same SSR reverse rim type to make it visually larger. Tires are Ruccini Vono Sport.


The suspension had been changed to XYZ damping at the previous time, but the rear damping force was adjusted to be softer so that traction can be applied easily. In addition, if the vehicle height is lowered, natural camber is added, so the camber is raised by replacing the arm. The front was replaced with the upper arm for the V36 Skyline Coupe, and the camber was added to the rear.


“We added camber to maximize the contact surface of the tire when hitting the counter. It’s not about looks, it’s about functionality.


And last time, it was a genuine processed differential lock specification, but it was also replaced with a 2-way LSD that has been jointly developed with the prestigious OS Giken.


"It's the opposite idea from other manufacturers, it locks without slipping. It's a special setting that locks even a car that doesn't have power. It makes parking easier (laughs). Not just for the 51 Fuga. We plan to deploy it in many car models.”


The muffler, which the Sense brand is good at, has also been remade. Last time it was a perfect circle 100φ left and right, but changed to dual and 4. To improve exhaust efficiency, one of the two catalysts is hollowed out. The diameter of the pipes has been changed at key points to produce a sound that is typical of Toyota's 1JZ, but the company's own valve unit "SC Gear", which allows you to control the volume with a remote control, is also added.


"There are many people who use sedans for everyday driving. When you leave the house, the sound of a racing car with the engine running will annoy your neighbors, so you can turn the volume down by closing the valves with the remote control." .


The engine itself is a normal VQ37. Since the exhaust efficiency was improved by processing the catalyst, the intake was also reviewed with an external air cleaner. In addition, a Cusco tower bar is added to improve body rigidity.


“When drifting, the G-forces are applied sideways, and the frame tends to get twisted.


The Blitz throttle controller is also one of the newly installed parts. An excellent product that allows you to directly experience changes in response by operating the switch.


The original steering wheel was large and difficult to handle when drifting, so I replaced it with a Momo deep cone type. Not only is it easy to use, but it looks like a drift car, so I'm very satisfied.


"My next plan is to put a bucket seat in the driver's seat to improve holdability. I'm also thinking of making an original four-point seat belt."



Base vehicle: 210 Crown 2.5 Royal Saloon Hybrid

Sponsor (in no particular order): Work / Ruccini


A piece that pursues the possibility of drifting with a hybrid 210 crown that dares to be unprecedented. It is also known for the development of the original parts brand "Do", and the exterior has changed the image of the front mask significantly with its own 220 face-style front bumper.


The slanted trunk spoiler is also a DO item. Adds an aggressive mood to the elegant rear view of the Royal.


Work Schwart SG2 with 20 inch wheels. Tires are set with Ruccini Vono Sports. In the future, they plan to downsize to a 19-inch tire with the same work, and will select the best tires for drifting, taking into consideration grip and durability.


"There are more size options for 19 inches. If it's too thin, there's a risk of it bursting, but I'd like to wear at least a 35 flat size if I think about dress-up."


The brake kit is also du, and the newly added titanium color. The size is F8/R6pot, and both the caliper and rotor are big.


Ideal air suspension. Recently, the number of cars with air suspension has been increasing in the drift world, and it can be said that it is the perfect leg for this project because it is low enough to be attractive and can withstand hard driving. Arms such as Do's short knuckles have also been replaced to appeal to the slim low form.


"I don't want to lose the look of a dress-up car, so negative camber is essential. However, when I make the car 19 inches in the future, I'm going to make the inset 8mm lower than it is now, so I'm thinking of raising the camber twice. When I cut it, it interferes with my innerwear, so I think I can relieve that stress.”


Then, we asked Sense Brand to implement a genuine-based differential lock. There is also a reason that I have already ordered Cusco's LSD and want to verify the difference between them.

The Blitz throttle controller that was introduced before the Sense Fugue. Effective in improving response. Also, the air suspension tank and compressor, which were placed directly on the trunk carpet last time, were moved to the floor.


"It was fixed with Velcro, but last time I ran a side turn and it moved. If you move it to the floor, you will have more trunk space and you can load 4 tires and move it. will be remade in the future."


Check your ability by actually running the course

Sense brand 51 Fuga and Peace 210 Crown, which have been boiled down to the details to enjoy drifting with VIP sedans. I came to Ebisu Circuit in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. It is known as a mecca for drift competitions and endurance races. There are 10 courses, large and small, on the vast grounds, but this time the shakedown is on the drift school course.


“The course was originally set up as a training ground for beginners and intermediate level riders, but the cars we run have changed over the past few years. We recently renovated the course so that even cars with short heights can drive with peace of mind,” says Ebisu. Mr. Suenaga of the circuit.


I immediately ran one by one and checked the condition of the vehicle.

[Interview cooperation]

Ebisu Circuit


Maintaining revs and improving equipment are issues

First of all, Sense brand 51 Fuga. The driver, of course, is Yuki-san, who was into drifting when he was young. After driving the course, I asked Mr. Suenaga of Ebisu Circuit about his impressions. In fact, Mr. Suenaga is known as the driver of the famous Team Orange in the drift world, and also serves as a drift instructor mainly for beginners at Ebisu Circuit.


YukiNo~, I threw up at my clumsiness (laughs). Once the RPM drops, it's hard to raise it again. Also, when I tried to brake with my left foot, I couldn't support my body. The driver's seat is a genuine one, so of course you can replace it with a bucket, but it would be nice to have a knee pad. I want to hone my skills a little more and be able to pour everything here.


SuenagaNormally, the steering is on the front side, and you move the tires by operating the steering wheel. But when it comes to drifting, the front tires are nothing more than a steering wheel, and you just need to move in the direction you want to go. Drifting is theoretically rear steering, and the rear is important for turning the car. This is not something you can learn in a day or two, so you have to start with theory and train your senses. It's better to slide the tires a lot and get a feel for it. It is also important to create a car that is easy to drift.


YukiAt this point, I don't have any parts to support my body, so it was pretty tough. It felt like I was somehow holding on to the armrests (laughs).


SuenagaLateral G increases.


YukiI want to keep the revs as high as possible. If you step on it too much, it will turn around, but the counter doesn't catch up, so you have to step on it to hit the counter. This is difficult. As with the accelerator work, operate the steering constantly. I guess it's difficult because it's an automatic. There's a difference between the 2nd speed automatic and the 2nd speed manual.


And the cut of the yaw rate sensor which is the key this time. Was it effective?


YukiI didn't really notice any difference in behavior. But compared to before I cut the sensor, I felt like it flowed smoothly. Also, when I turned around last time, I felt the right front brake being stepped on, but this time there is no such thing. Even cutting may have some control. It's a little bit so you might not even notice it. But the car behaves as it should and it feels good.


Struggling with lack of hybrid power!?

Then 210 crowns of peace. The base is a hybrid that has a high degree of difficulty in tuning. I will challenge whether the butt will flow firmly with the genuine processed differential lock. Continuing from last time, Takumi Kuroiwa, a racing driver who is a good partner of Mr. Tabei, will be in charge of driving. After finishing the run, I asked them what they thought.


KuroiwaIf you bring it with the accelerator, the control will enter and you can not idle. At first, I was spinning normally, but my butt gradually stopped sticking out. So I switched to the side, pulled the side, turned it completely sideways, and thought that if I put the accelerator in, it would drift a bit, but I couldn't finish it.


TabeiEven so, I was able to do so much because of Kuroiwa-san's technique. Once again, I understood well that the Crown is an excellent car with various controls.


KuroiwaAnyway, I'm too smart. Despite cutting the yaw rate sensor this time, the car tries to return. The car would tell me that I was skidding, so I had to keep that in check, so it was tough. Also, even if the accelerator is fully opened, the throttle is still slightly closed. Electronic control comes out at the very end. I think this is also a balance of the yaw rate sensor.


Also, this time, I was keenly aware of the difficulty of drifting with the base car, which has a hybrid engine and a CVT transmission.


KuroiwaThe combination of the engine and the motor makes it possible to start moving, but if you push it all the way down, it's just the horsepower of the engine, so it's not enough power.


TabeiPersonally, I felt heavy at the beginning. How about going big throttle?


KuroiwaI believe it will increase torque. However, the power may drop slightly due to the balance with the exhaust. That's the difficult part.


TabeiThere is also the problem of the CVT.


KuroiwaIf the CVT fails, the number of revolutions will be 0. Even if you step on the accelerator again, there is a slight lag until the power of the engine itself comes.


TabeiIt would be nice if we could create a situation where we could directly adjust the timing, including opening and closing the throttle. Drifting with a hybrid + CVT is a pattern that everyone has given up on. There are plenty of challenges to overcome. Even if drifting is not good, there is a possibility that you can enjoy grip driving, so I will continue to boil it down.


I felt that the base car lacked power, so next I test drove Kuroiwa-san's favorite car, the 10GS350h. Although it is the same hybrid, the engine is 3.5 liters. The yaw rate sensor is also not cut, it is almost normal.


Tabei3.5 is completely different in power. Surprise!


KuroiwaTorque from the start is amazing.


TabeiBefore making the base car 210 Crown, I was a little worried about 210 Majesta. It also has a 3.5 hybrid engine. Well, I've come to want a 210 Maje too (laughs). The fuel consumption is not much different from 2.5, and it may be an ant to create two roads, drift and grip, through trial and error.


Yuki-san and Tabei-san are more motivated now that they can see improvement points by running in earnest. I have great expectations for the next development.

Sense Brand Ootori San

Mr. Ootori, the famous staff who supports the Sense brand behind the scenes, became interested in drifting in this project, and Mr. Suenaga of Ebisu Circuit was invited to teach drifting techniques from the beginning. About a month after I experienced riding with him when I visited the circuit before, this time I learned the basics of drifting, the "steady circular turn". "I have a manual driver's license, but I'm a paper driver..." said Mr. Ootori. In this project, we will also follow the growth of San Ootori.


Feelings are not transmitted to humans. Remember with "buttocks"!

Steady circular turning is, as the name suggests, a technique that keeps the vehicle in a drifting state while drawing a constant circle. A long time ago, I used to polish my skills with my spirit and guts, but that doesn't last long. Therefore, Ebisu Circuit theorizes the drift technique and carefully teaches drift driving to beginners.


"But you can teach them how to do it, but the feeling is not passed on from person to person. That's why you have to actually run and learn. The important thing in learning to drift is the 'buttocks.'The buttocks are like sensors. That's the point where you can feel the G. The more you slide, the more you train the sensors in your buttocks, and you'll develop a sense of it," says Suenaga-san.


At first, I couldn't keep up with the steering wheel operation, and I stepped on the accelerator just before spinning, and the counter did not hit. When the car is turning to the right, I have to turn the steering wheel to the left to avoid spinning.


“That's why when the butt starts to come out, you have to let go of the accelerator, but instead you step on it,” analyzes Yuki-san.


While running, the water temperature in the engine rose rapidly, and at the same time, Mr. Ootori's body temperature also rose, so I cooled it down. Put water in the sprayer purchased at the home center and spray it toward the radiator to cool it.


"I'm also crazy. I'm drenched in sweat!"


After that, as a result of continuing to practice, Ootori-san acquired a sense and was able to spin around. Yuki-san and the reporters also applauded unintentionally!


"It's just like going uphill, and if you can do it once, you'll be able to do it the next time, but I'm not quite there yet. I want to practice over and over so I don't forget that feeling."


Mr. Suenaga highly appreciates Mr. Ootori's stepping on the accelerator.


"On the other hand, if you step too hard, you may spin, so if you adjust the accelerator according to the degree of slippage on the rear, I think you can improve further."


I am looking forward to the next program.


By the way, Ebisu Circuit has prepared a full-fledged drift vehicle that looks like a taxi, and offers a menu called "Drift Taxi" where you can experience the techniques of a professional driver together (advance reservation required). The lineup includes the 110 Mark II, 100 Chaser, and 1JZ Turbo 17 Crown. The turbine and ECU have been replaced, and the hydraulic side brake has been added. For those who are interested in drifting, it might be a good idea to try a drift taxi first.



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