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Pure betta of "adult" who never gets tired

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At 26, he already has everything under control. “I want to ride this 210 Crown for a long time, so I decided to make it with specifications that I won’t get tired of. I won't do anything unreasonable. No need for quirkiness. Suppress the feeling of wanting to stand out and boil down the details. This is an adult crown. I'm sure many people will refer to his way of messing around.



Q. How many years have you been driving this car?


"It's been about three and a half years."


Q. How old are you?


"I'm 26. When I was 20, I bought a Zerokura, rode it for about two years, and then when I was 22, I bought a 210 Crown."


Q. Did you mess with 18 Crown as well?


"Bare feet, it feels a little bit"


Q. What made you switch to 210 Crown?


“It’s like falling in love at first sight. It has a smart look.


Q. What is your favorite part of 210 Crown?


"The headlights are cool, and the tail lights are cool. I think it's really stylish."


Q. What is the theme of this specification?


"It's pure beta, but I'm doing it with a feeling like 'pure beta for adults'."


Q. Pure beta for adults, what is the point?


"I'm pursuing a style that people of all generations say is cool. I'm particularly inspired by TFL's style."


Q. Was TFL the reason you decided to do this theme?


"That's right. When I saw Atsushi Fujiwara's Majesta, I thought it was cool. It has an aura."


Q. When you say "pure solid", it's a style that doesn't have aero and is perfect for the suspension, isn't it?


"That's right. I don't like a messy style, so I feel like there is no aero. How cool can a genuine one be? I want to try that. Also, in Hokkaido, around me. There aren't many pure solids, and that's why I'm particular about pure solids to set myself apart from others."


Q. Have you made any changes to the specifications recently?


"Brakes have been introduced. It's early spring."


Q. Who is the manufacturer?


"Ideal. Ideal's ultimate brake. Last year, I changed to this wheel, but I thought that the genuine was unsatisfactory, so I tried the brake."


Q. After actually trying it, what do you think?


“I’m satisfied.


Q. In general, many people choose flashy colors such as red.


“Yes, but I chose a mature look. I chose black for the calipers, the same color as the body, and champagne gold for the bell housing.


Q. The wheels were new last year, right?


"That's right. It's a Carlson 1/5 Evo. I think it's a rare model among Carlson's. Mr. Kanbayashi from TFL wore it on his LS, and when I saw it, I wanted to wear it too.


I wanted to wear a wheel with a genuine design, and Carlsson has a Benz tuner, so I thought that this chic design would give me the mature feeling I was looking for.”

Adult specification that I want to refer topoint

Dare to suppress your claims with zero eccentricity!


<firm policy! >


Q. Whether it's the brakes you mentioned earlier or the wheels, I think that normal people would want to make a statement, but in the case of Hashimoto-kun, you're trying not to be too eccentric. .




<Don't overdo it with size!> >


Q. By the way, what is the wheel size?


"It's a 20-inch 9.5J plus 40 front to rear. 114.3 pitch was available for a limited time, so I chose it."


Q. Were there any parts that you struggled with when putting the brakes on?


“I think this is also my favorite part, but I don’t like it to be too tight. I'm doing it at


I don't think the bigger the brake, the more important it is the balance. The size is 355φ with 8 pots at the front and 355φ with 6 pots at the rear.”


<The air suspension is also for adults! >


Q. What did you choose for the suspension?


"Similar to the brakes, we installed Ideal's air suspension. It's Ideal's Maximum. It's a 2-wheel independent type. When I was in Zero Class, the ride height was high, but compared to that time, the stress is completely different. Ride comfort. Because it is good, you can ride in the city, and you can drop it firmly.


It was my first time to build an air suspension, so I was really worried, but I chose the Ideal because it was recommended by the shop. Also, the ideal air suspension is highly rated by Crown owners, which is one of the reasons I chose it. When I actually put it on, I thought it was just as well-received.


The roads in Hokkaido are bad, so I had a lot of trouble with the dampers, but after using the air suspension, I have less trouble around that area, so I'm glad I chose the air suspension."


<All for a long ride!> >


Q. You said that Hashimoto-kun is 26 years old, right? You have a very mature way of thinking. I think that around that age, I feel like I'm conspicuously nambo.




I want to ride this 210 Crown for a long time, so I decided to make it with specifications that I won't get tired of. The result is my current style. I think the more flashy you do it, the sooner you'll get tired of it."


Q. You also have an arm, right?


"Yes. It's a T-dimende. The rear is a full arm, and the front has knuckles, upper arms and roll centers. I think it's attractive that you can set things to your liking.


In the case of Zero Cura, camber was very effective, but in the case of 210 Crown, we emphasize balance. Extreme cambers get boring after all.


The 210 Crown has an air suspension around the suspension, so when the vehicle height is raised, it's about normal, and when it's lowered, it's set with a moderate amount of camber. So, the reason why I put the arm on the 210 crown is not to put a lot of camber, but to put camber to my liking. In my current state, I think I'm wearing it a little too much, so I'm thinking of adjusting it and raising it a little."


Q. Are all bumpers genuine?


"Everything is genuine"


Q. However, it has a different atmosphere than other crowns. Is the reason for that the plating?


"Yes, we changed to black plating. The grille, window frames, rear number garnish, tail lamps, etc., have a surprisingly large amount of plating on the crown, but we changed everything to black plating. I think this has changed the atmosphere considerably. ”


Q. Is it painted?


"It's not painting, it's wrapping. We do it with a black chrome sheet. If you paint it, you can't put it back, so I wrapped it. If you want to put it back, you can always put it back."


Q. What about the muffler?


"The muffler is a T-Dimension cutter. I chose it because I liked the design and size. I am very satisfied with the opening of the genuine muffler.


Titanium mufflers are popular these days, but I don't like things that look too loud, so I decided to keep it simple. I think this quiet look is also good. Since it is a cutter, the sound is also genuine. I keep my voice quiet like an adult."


Q. Looking at it again, the genuine rear bumper is cool.


"That's right. This is a 3.5, but the genuine shape is cool, and I like the feeling of having this muffler."


Q. Is the emblem only the Toyota mark?


"That's right. I took the 'CROWN', 'ATHLETE', and 'G' emblems. The Toyota mark is wrapped like the other plated parts, but if you wrap the remaining three, it looks like I thought it might be noisy. I wanted to create a calm atmosphere as much as possible, so I decided to just use the Toyota mark and take the rest.


Q. Is the wing and roof spoiler aim gain?


"That's right. There are various manufacturers for the 210 Crown, but I like the simple aspect of the Aimgain wing and roof spoiler. The size is neither too big nor too small. It's not comfortable to wear. Uka, genuine!? I personally like the feeling.”


Q. What is the body color?


"It's a 202. I only want to drive a black one. It's hard to keep it clean, but the 202 gets dusty just by running it for a short time. It's been kept in the garage since this year, and until then. It was exposed to the sun, and every time it was hard to wash the car, but it became a little easier.


202 is really troublesome to maintain, but black is the coolest. That's why I can't give up on black. I can't stand the feeling of being a VIP."


Q. After taking a close look at your car today, what is your favorite part?


“It’s the black-plated part.


Q. When do you feel good about being a VIP?


"The number one thing is that I have more friends. That's the biggest thing."


Q. The production shop is Peace Garage.


"That's right. It was a choice. My senior went to Peace Garage, and that's how it went. When I was in Zero Club, I did everything myself, but I asked Mr. Yoshida of Peace Garage to dress up for 210 Crowns. Yoshida-san and I have a very similar approach to dressing up, so it's fun to work together."


Q. You have a favorite car, do you want to do more like this, or do you have any plans to dress up next time?


"It's still undecided, but I'd like to keep it simple, mature, and even more cool. On top of that, I'd like to someday make the front bumper from scratch with my own design. increase"


Q. Lastly, what are your future goals?


“This year, I want to go out of Hokkaido and go to events.”


- Bumper: Genuine

Wing: Aim Gain

- Roof spoiler: aim gain

- Fender: genuine

-Grill: Black plating -Wrapping

-Tail lamp: Clear lens

- Body color: 202

-Wheel: Carlson 1/5EVO 20inch (F R) 9.5J + 40

-Tire: Nitto (F/R) 235/30-20

Suspension: Ideal Maximum

- Arm: T Dimension

- Camber angle: (F/R) 9 degrees

Brakes: Ideal Kyokusei (F) 8pot 355φ (R) 6pot 355φ

- Muffler: T Dimension

-Exterior and others: Plating part Black plating Wrapping



Daiki Hashimoto

VIP experience: 6 years


Daiki Hashimoto

VIP history: 6 years


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