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VIP-style billboard project "THE DEBUT! ’. So far, we have covered and introduced 1176 VIP sedans. Even in the WEB version VIP style, “THE DEBUT! ] Corner will of course continue. And the car I chose this time is the 200 Majesta you can see.


This 200 Majesta has an aura that is clearly different from other cars. The ultimate simple style with a genuine bumper base, which requires little effort, but is done more than enough. The shop that I worked on is Car Boutique Voice in Hokkaido. I see, so that's what it means. Now, let's examine the world's most difficult-to-understand processing technique.


Q. How many years have you been riding the 200 Majesta?


"It's my third year."


Q. What do you like about the 200 Majesta?


“If you ask me what kind of place it is, I wonder where it is (laughs).


Q. What is the theme of this specification?


“The theme is simple. I admire cars made by Mr. Hiyashimizu of Car Boutique Voice, who produced this car, and I think simple sedans are the coolest.”


Q. Where is the point of the latest specifications?


“The front and rear genuine bumpers were processed. It was completed last fall, and it took about three months to complete.”


Q. Why is it a genuine bumper?


“One reason was that I liked the genuine fog lights. Another reason was that there were no existing aero parts that I liked.


I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what to do, so I consulted Mr. Higashimizu about it, and he said, 'If that's the case, why don't you try processing the genuine bumper? ’ he suggested. The style is so genuine that no one will notice it, but it's completely different when you put it side by side. When I heard about it, I thought I'd like to try using a genuine bumper as a base."

Front bumper processingthe contents of

In fact, it is surprisingly chopped and made!


<Part 1>

The bottom of the number plate of the genuine bumper is forward, and the gills are stretched. In order to compensate for this, the genuine bumper is cut in half and offset by about 20mm so that the license plate and the number are aligned.


<Part 2>

Furthermore, I didn't like the undulating shape of the lip part of the genuine bumper, so I added thickness to adjust the line. The volume is increased by cutting the lip part from the middle and pasting PP in between. The reason for using PP material instead of FRP is that the same material as the genuine bumper is more compatible and stronger. By the way, although the volume of the lip is increased, it is also a commitment that the height is not changed from the genuine bumper.


<Part 3>

The position of the fog lamps has also been changed casually. The genuine one is the same as the bumper, but it is offset by about 20mm to create a sense of luxury and three-dimensionality.


<Part 4>

A press line that is faintly in the bumper side. No matter how you look at it, it looks genuine, but this is also a one-off part. The rear bumper has a press line that follows the flow from the side step, but for some reason it is not on the front. Based on that, I put a line on the front bumper side. The line naturally connects to the lip and is particular about disappearing.

Rear bumper processingthe contents of

One line can make a big difference!

<Part 1>

Like the front, the rear is also processed based on the genuine bumper. First, the press line above the sensor. The stock is a blurry line that drops down to the two inner sensors. Correct that. I connected the left and right straight with a strong press line. By doing so, it looks like the rear is visually longer, making it more like a sedan.


<Part 2>

The genuine press line under the sensor also falls and disappears on the way. I straightened the press line and made it disappear naturally around the middle. I sharpened and erased the genuine press line, and then molded it with putty.


<Part 3>

Majesta's genuine muffler outlet is the diffuser. It has been changed to a sense brand oval muffler. Then, the muffler opening is shaped along the shape. By adding a line that looks like it was picked, the atmosphere is more like a genuine bumper.


Q. Once again, what do you think when you see the finished product?


"After all, I'm glad I stuck with the genuine bumper. Thanks to Hierushimizu-san, it's really the ideal shape. I don't get tired of it. I can ride it for a long time.


This specification is not flashy, and I don't think anyone can tell what went wrong at a glance. But I like this style, so I don't know what to say, but I think it's good if only people who can convey this goodness are conveyed."

12_EJ60299 2.jpg

Q. Do you have any plans to dress up next time?


"Next is the rear wing. I'm currently in the process of consulting with Mr. Higashimizu, but I'd like to make it as a one-off. The 200 Maje has a stepped trunk, and I'm thinking about how to make it look cool. I think that's where we win."


Q. Lastly, what are your goals for the future?


“I admired the 18 Majesta of Mr. Hierushimizu who appeared on the cover, so I came to Voice. I think it would be great if we could work together with Sun to make the car cooler.


The wheels are BBS Super RS, which Voice sells in limited quantities. 20 inch front 9.5J+30, rear 10.5J+30. The rear is thick enough to be worn without an external arm. Brembo brakes in the back. We also put pearl white calipers in places that get dirty easily.

Kazusus air suspension. "The ride is comfortable and the speed of raising and lowering is fast. I really like it." The front and rear fenders have been processed with claws, and the style that covers the wheels as much as possible is also particular. “Because I like the short height of the car. The lower the car, the cooler it is.”


The muffler outlet is made by Sense brand. I fell in love with the slightly wide oval shape at first sight. “The Sense brand muffler has a heavy feeling, and I think it’s nice that it’s folded back instead of being cut off.” The opening was shaped in millimeters to match this muffler.

Dress up with an original mat from Car Boutique Voice. The interior, such as seats, is an issue for the future.


-Front: genuine bumper processing

-Rear: genuine bumper processing

- Fender: front and rear claw processing

- Body color: pearl white

Wheels: Voice Limited BBS Super RS 20inch (F) 9.5J + 30 (R) 10.5J + 30

Suspension: KAZ-SUS air suspension

-Arm: KAZ-SUS short knuckle

Brakes: Brembo

●Muffler: One-off piping, exit sense brand

Exterior and others: Back fog cold districts specification

●Indoor: VOICE original floor mat



Kazuyoshi Oka

VIP experience: 8 years

Kazuyoshi Oka
VIP history: 8 years


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