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Mark X / 100 Camry | Photo session

A photo session sponsored by VIP style, which has become an annual event. It is a meeting-style event that anyone from beginners to veterans can easily participate in. Each time, it is characterized by the provision of “binding”, the first collects “Crown (November 27, 2021)”, the second collects “Lexus (March 26, 2022)”, and This time, the third time, it was held with "Mark X & Camry" tied up.


In fact, even the VIP Style editorial department, the organizer of the event, does not know until the event is held. Having said that, based on my many years of experience, I have taken pride in being able to predict to some extent.


Regarding this time, he predicted, "There will be an overwhelming number of 130 Mark Xs, and it would be nice if even 10 Camrys would come." However, a surprising number of Camrys arrived at the venue. If you combine the 50 series and 70 series, there are 28 units. This really took me by surprise.


Until now, the Camry has rarely appeared in the VIP style of magazines, but in the VIP style of the WEB, we have changed that and made us keenly aware that Camry owners must also be spotlighted.

And the weather. It was too good in the morning, but heavy rain from the afternoon. For some reason, VIP-style events have a high chance of rain. More than half of the time, I'm seriously wondering if I should prepare rain protection goods by the time of the next event.


Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the "Mark X / Camry 100 | Photo Session". Thank you very much. If there is another chance, I would like to hold a photo session with Mark X and Camry binding. Nice to meet you.



Event name: Mark X / 100 Camry | Photo session

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022

Venue: Osaka Nanko ATC Piloti Square

Organizer: VIP Style Editorial Department


◉Entry breakdown

120 Mark X (6 units), 130 Mark X (37 units), 50 Camry (10 units), 70 Camry (18 units), Altis (1 unit)


◉ I was happy to be able to take a picture. There was a shopping mall in front of me, and I thought it was very convenient and good. (Mami-san) ◉It was my first time, but it was a fun photo session. (Kenji-san) ◉It was sunny and the photographer was very kind. (Kaho San)

◉It was fun to see everyone's favorite cars. There were many parts that could be used as a reference for customizing. My car was a normal car, but I was happy that the staff treated me politely. (Shunichi-san) ◉ It was a lot of fun. (Ayaya-san) ◉I enjoyed seeing various cars. (Naoto San)


◉ It was fun to talk with the local owner, who I rarely see. (Shota-san) ◉I was nervous because it was my first photo session, but thanks to the staff's easy-to-understand instructions, I had a very fulfilling day today. (Yuto San)

◉It was the first event I participated in, so it was a lot of fun. I was able to achieve the goal of being put on the VIP style. Next time, I will do my best to make the car stand out at other events so that it can be featured. (Shodai-san) ◉ It was nice to see a wide variety of Mark X and Camry. (Takumi San)


◉ I learned a lot. (Hiroki-san) ◉I'm glad I was able to meet so many people and see so many different Mark Xs. (Megumi-san) ◉It was great to be able to see the car I admired live and to meet and talk with my SNS followers. (Yuki San)

◉It was too hot to stand outside. (Haruna-san) ◉ It's a lot of fun. (Hiroki-san) ◉I'm glad I was able to participate in a VIP-style event. (Kyouhei-san)


◉ I want you to be able to interact with various people and collect them with your Camry. (Kazuma-san) ◉It was very good. (Tatsunobu-san) ◉I'm glad I was able to participate in this event for the first time and also take pictures. (Hiiragito-san) ◉ It would have been easier to see if you had separated the Camry and the Mark X. (Yusuke San)

◉It was too hot to stand outside. (Haruna-san) ◉ It's a lot of fun. (Hiroki-san) ◉I'm glad I was able to participate in a VIP-style event. (Kyouhei-san)



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