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Hokkaido's premier downtown area.
It shines in such a city

The best downtown area in Hokkaido.
It shines in such a city


With a different sensibility,

A machine unlike any other.

Underlying it is

"I want to be cool!"

That's what I feel.

With a different sensitivity,
A machine unlike any other.
Underlying it is
"I want to be cool!"
That's what I feel.


Full specification change.

Body color, aero parts,

Overfender and interior.

Full specification change.
Body color, Aero parts, Over fender, Interior.

Cover car of the month


Late 40LS


Yu Yoshida

Cover car of the month
Late 40LS
Yu Yoshida


Now dress up more than anyone else
Finished by a man having fun,
The hottest LS right now.

The hottest LS is now finished by a man who enjoys

Dressing up more than anyone.

I'm changing the specs now. If you come to Hokkaido, please take a look. It was half a year ago that the editorial department received such a message. After that, we kept in touch and kept telling the editorial department about the specification change.


Every time I saw how he was getting cooler and cooler, I thought, "I want to see it live" and "I want to publish it in VIP style," but it didn't make it in time for the final issue of the regular magazine...


However, he didn't give up and headed to Hokkaido. The latter half of the 40LS that I saw there was a break from the chic look of the past, and changed to a stylish specification that even seemed to be new.


The overfenders, wheels, interior, and all the other parts were full of highlights.



Q. How many years have you been riding an LS?


"I bought it in 2014, so it's already been 7-8 years."


Q. Again, what do you like about LS?


“I like the overall design of the latter term, and that is what I like best. Actually, when the LS was remodeled, I thought I would switch to it, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it. I feel like I'm working on the LS.


The reason I didn't like the 50 series was because it looked a little like a coupe, and that's not what I thought a sedan would look like. They even gave me an estimate, but I stopped at the last minute (laughs).


The latter half of the 40LS is more like a sedan, and there were a lot of things I had left unfinished, so I decided to do everything I could with this LS and then think about the transfer.”


Q. So you've been sticking to this LS even after kicking the current LS. And this time, did you make a big change?




Q. How long is the production period?


"It's been about half a year. We started right after the beginning of this year and it took us until the end of June."


Q. What made you decide to change the specifications?


“I liked the specs of the last time, but there were some parts that I didn’t like because they were genuine. Well, it's been a big spec change."


Q. By the way, what was the theme of the last specification?


“Last time was a VIP. I was just playing around with European tuner awareness, or something like that.


Q. What is the theme of this specification?


"This time, I didn't set a particular theme. Basically, my goal is to make it cooler, and on top of that, I feel like I'm trying to do things that other people aren't doing.


After that, I made a few adjustments to the parts that were genuine and I didn't like, and I felt like I wanted it to be like this, so I made it my own."


Q. The highlight of this specification change is the over fender.


“That’s right. The biggest part of the specification change this time is the front and rear overfenders. Last time, we pushed out the stock fenders by about 1 cm, but this time we raised the arches and made them overfenders.”


Q. Why did you decide to challenge the overfender?


“In Toyota cars, the front and rear fender arches are not the same height. Regarding the latter half of the 40LS, the rear was very low. That was the part that I wanted to improve the most in the genuine product.


However, I didn't dislike the press line of the genuine fender, so I left it to make it look like the genuine one, and made it with the front and rear arches aligned."


Q. How did you feel about the front fender?


“In terms of numbers, I raised the arch by about 2 cm and swelled it by about 2 cm. The front fender is made by Artisan Spirits, but by making it an over fender this time, the position of the duct is all shifted. increase.


After that, how to bulge the over fender. Originally, it swelled from the upper press line, but if it is left as it is, the front will look larger than the rear in terms of design. Therefore, we lowered the press line and reduced the bulge of the overfender to balance it out. This processing is a part that doesn't get noticed very much."


Q. What about the rear?


“The rear has to match the front, so I raised it about 6 centimeters to match the height. Also, in order to match the width of the front with the appearance of the front, I made the over fender about 3.5 centimeters. I also inflated the bumpers and doors.


The rear over fender is an iron plate. First, cut out the genuine arch neatly, inflate it by about 3.5 cm, and weld the cut out genuine arch there. Add an iron plate for the width of the extension.


By the way, I widened the side steps that connect to the fender arches, but that would make it look thicker, so I shaved about 5mm off the top and bottom. For me personally, this 5mm shortening process was a big commitment, and I redid it about three times until I got the shape I liked.”


Q. How was it when you tried over fenders?


“Personally, I think it turned out pretty well. I made it by trial and error, looking at it from afar and up close, so that it looks cool from any angle, but I think it’s the best. It took a long time, and it was a difficult part, but I'm really satisfied with this overfender."


Q. The reason why people challenge over fenders is different for each person, but there are many people who want to show power or to make an impact.


"Yes, but that's not the case with me. It was a genuine part that wasn't perfect for me, so I felt like I did an overfender to make it look good. I didn't do it to stand out. No. That's why the width is small, and that's why we use the genuine press line as much as possible."


Q. Where else have you changed the specifications this time?


“We have changed the front and rear bumpers and wheels, the body color, and the interior.”


Q. How did you make the front and rear bumpers?


"First of all, the front. This car is an F-Sport, but I processed the F-Sport's genuine bumper and Wald's half spoiler to make it nice. The lip part is Wald, but on top of that, the genuine shape I am keeping it alive.


I liked the slightly sporty atmosphere of the F-Sport, and I could have used the aftermarket bumper as it was, but I wanted to keep the genuine atmosphere that I like, so Wald's half is only the lip part. It feels like using


Wald's half has a voluminous design, but we cut it as thin as possible and smoothed it with the genuine bumper to eliminate the seams, aiming for an atmosphere that makes you think it was like this when it was genuine. I made it


Q. Before installing the aero, were there any other manufacturers you were hesitant about?


“When I was young more than 20 years ago, when I customized my first sedan, it was 10 Celsior at that time, but the aero at that time was Wald. There is.


Q. How did you finish the rear bumper?


“The rear of the previous specification was equipped with the aim gain as it is.This time, we remade it so that it looks like the bumper of the AMG of the Mercedes-Benz S class.The muffler cutter also uses AMG.


In fact, I bought an AMG bumper for the Benz S class in order to aim gain and smile. However, in the end, I only used it around the muffler. The shape didn't fit too well, so I finished it as a one-off.


To be honest, I thought it would go a little easier. For the black part, I wondered if the prepared AMG bumper could be easily transplanted. But in the end, I cut it up and ended up feeling that the AMG bumper was only used around the muffler.


However, I like the shape of this muffler, and it has four squares. I couldn't give up on that, so although Leah struggled in many ways, I'm glad I took on the challenge."


Q. By the way, what does the muffler look like?


"I've changed everything to the Sense brand type that produces high-pitched sounds. It sounded like a so-called V8, but I prefer the current high-pitched sound."


Q. Once again, how is the finish of the front and rear bumpers?


"I like it. I'm not dissatisfied because it worked as I wanted. The front has been shortened considerably, and it's about the same height as the original genuine bumper, so I can drive without stress even if it's low. The rear is also as I wanted. It's finished in shape."


Q. And this time, the wheels are also new.


"BC Forged, a forged model made by an overseas manufacturer. The previous specification was a PP exclusive with a dish-type deep rim, so I wanted to change it completely. So, I searched for a forged tie, and the last time it was a deep rim. So this time I thought I'd go with a deep concave.


This wheel has a very aggressive design. There is a uniqueness unique to overseas production. So, I was worried that it would stand out a bit when I put it on, but the body color is also flashy, so I think it's good.


The part that I especially like is, of course, the concave in the middle. The spokes are quite thin, and I like how they extend all the way to the rim.


I've been using Ideal brakes since PP Exclusive, but at that time I couldn't see them at all. This time I was able to see my proud brakes, so that was also good.”


Q. Is the suspension also ideal air suspension?


"It's an ideal. It's a 4-wheel independent Super Maximum, and I put in the flagship model of the time. It's very comfortable to ride. I haven't had any problems. However, there are problems with the suspension.The ideal air suspension is highly reliable, so I like the sense of security.”


Q. By the way, what is Tsuraichi's commitment?


“Until now, the style was to cover the wheel with a fender. I think it's cool that you can see the whole wheel even if it's lowered."


Q. And body color. what color would you say?


"It's the original color, and it's actually a wrapping, not a painting. It's a new color that just came out this year. The matte black of the previous specification was also wrapped. The original body color is genuine black. So, wrapping If you peel it off, you can return it to the original black, and you can try a slightly different color, such as the previous specification matte black or this time's color.


The color this time is candy blue. It has a fairly deep finish, and the color changes considerably depending on how the light hits it during the day and at night. Layers of paint add depth to the color. Now wrapping can do something similar. However, there are still few people who can technically apply the new color sheet to the body, and I heard that there are only a few people in Hokkaido. I'm not an expert, so I don't know the details, but anyway, it seems to be difficult to apply."


Q. Yoshida-san, did you choose blue as the body color change?


“No, I was at a loss as to which color to choose. Maybe a brighter, fluorescent lime green. was the prettiest, so I decided to use this color.


The very first color change was also wrapping, but I did matte silver, matte black, and it was not glossy all the time. This time it's a glossy ant with a sparkling feeling. I feel that glossy ant is seen by people much more than matte type. I was waiting in the parking lot a while ago, but people who enter and leave the parking lot always look at my car once. I thought that the glossy body color was so eye-catching.”


Q. Yoshida-san, the late 40LS is not only amazing on the exterior, but the interior as well, isn't it?


“The previous specification was all black, but this time I partially replaced it with white leather.In addition, the body color has been changed to a completely flashy color, so I wanted to add a little playfulness, so I opened the door. I tried wrapping the pillar part of the place.”


Q. I think that the wrapping at the door opening is an idea that is hard to come up with. Where did you get your inspiration from?


“There was a custom program overseas, a very niche program, and I vaguely remember that I was designing the inside of the door, although it wasn’t so far. , let's try it!


This wrapping design aimed at the gap between the outside and the inside. For me, overseas sweets, or the design of the package of such sweets, is a key point. I love comic book designs. I told the wrapping shop San about it and had him create the design from scratch. The design is very flashy, but the colors are only white, black and gray. I try not to be vulgar.”


Q. The original seats were black, and you added white this time?


“Originally it was pitch black, but I added genuine white leather like this. For the white leather, I was looking for something with a texture close to the material of the genuine seat, and the color was even whiter than the genuine one. I was.


Originally, when I bought the late 40LS, I was also interested in the white leather specification. However, in consideration of dirt and maintenance, I decided to use only black leather. However, after riding it for a long time, I wanted something a little more flashy and stylish, so this time I chose a black and white two-tone. I like this coloring because it's a specification that doesn't seem to be genuine."


Q. Is the panel part white too?


“The panel of the F-Sport is aluminum, but I removed the panel and painted it white to match the atmosphere of the seat. .


Whether it's the seat or the panel, we're going to leave the original parts in the big parts and give some individuality to the parts.


Q. You have an audio system in the rear seat.


"Yes. This audio is from the previous specification. Here too, the color of the panel has been slightly changed, and it has evolved a little.


I placed the amplifiers on the left and right sides of the seat, and placed the DSP in the middle. It is a method to connect it to the iPad and play it. It is made with a focus on sound quality. Rather than sound pressure, I guess you could say I pursued sound quality.


The LS has a large trunk, so it's standard to use the trunk for audio, but I personally don't want to open the trunk at events. If you open the trunk to show the audio at an event, etc., the silhouette of the whole car will collapse.


However, I have a desire to build an audio system, so I don't have any plans to put people in it, so I decided to crush the rear seat. I'm going to a distant event, so I want to put my luggage in the trunk. Also a spare tire. So, only the trunk remains practical.


Q. Again, what is your favorite part of this late 40LS, Mr. Yoshida?


“After all, it’s the fender. I made it while thinking about the overall balance. I was able to eliminate the part that I didn't like about the genuine product, which is the difference, so that's the best."


Q. What kind of cars has Mr. Yoshida driven so far?


“I have driven various cars such as AE86 Trueno, 70 Supra, 31 Cedric, 10 Celsior, 20 Celsior, Benz E class, Benz S class.


I've ridden in a variety of cars, but the one I've ridden the longest is the late 40LS. Other cars have never had a vehicle inspection, so I feel like changing cars before that. However, this car has passed the vehicle inspection three times, and it has become a really long relationship.”


Q. Lastly, what are your future goals?


“I think that new aero parts and wheels will come out more and more, so I would like to continue to incorporate the latest styles and evolve this latter half of the 40LS. I plan to do various things.”


Since it feels a little strange if it is genuine, we put a protection film that gives a slightly purplish color to match the body color.

The point is that the tail lamps are also covered with the same protection film and the red tone is slightly suppressed. It is also a big commitment here.

The outer frame of the grill, which was originally plated, was changed to solid black. In addition, all the plated parts such as around the fog are tightened with blackout.

Equipped with a sporty aimgain flap. The flap of the aim gain has a rise at the rear, but it is simple by eliminating it.


● Front: F sports genuine + Wald

- Side: Aim Gain

-Rear: Aimgain

- Wing: LX mode

- Front fender: Artisan Spirits processing 2 cm, arch raised 2 cm

-Rear fender: Over fender 3 cm, arch up 6 cm

-Grill: Blackout

- Headlight: Smoke processing

- Fog lamp: Smoke processing

-Tail lamp: Smoke processing

-Body color: Original candy blue wrapping

-Wheels: BC Forged 20inch (F) 11J minus 28 (R) 12J minus 35

- Tires: (F) 245/35-20 (R) 265/35-20

Suspension: Ideal Maximum 4-wheel independent air suspension

- Arm: (F R) Nagisa Auto, T Dimension

- Camber angle: (F/R) 8.5 degrees

-Brake: Ideal (F) 8pot 380φ (R) 6pot 380φ

●Muffler: (front to middle) sense brand (exit) AMG cutter

-Exterior and others: Engine Toms Complete

●Interior: Seat white genuine leather partially reupholstered, Panels painted white, Original wrapping

In-room audio: Daicoq speaker, helix amplifier, DSP



Yu Yoshida

VIP career: 25 years

Yu Yoshida
VIP history: 25 years


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